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Cileans Journey In Fabric

Just Can't Get Enough

5 July 1962
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I am a transplant from Pittsburgh PA, but I am a Cali girl for all of that! I grew up in Southern Cali and went to college there, I got into the airline industry and then went to learn ASL American Sign Language as a lark in 1985. It truly changed my life, in fact 1985 turned into a huge experience year for me, While I had been a "Turkey" for Renaissance Pleasure Faire for several years when I decided to go to Faire and work for one of the clothing makers. While there I saw an ad for stage interpreting, I grabbed a friend and off we went, I can not regret anything the next 8 years would bring. At the same time, I was taking the last of my classes to be initated into a Tradition of Witchcraft called "DCW" or Druidic Craft of the Wise.

That year another friend brought me and another friend Sara to my first event in the West Kingdom Easter Weekend and we were hooked!! So I went home and joined into the fun in Caid, with meetings in Barony of the Angels and Lyondemere. Having flunking my sewing class in Jr High School (bad burning incident *Shudder* I was advised not to sew), I had purchased everything from the Faire.

3 Years later, I met my hubby and we got married 3 months before our first child came into the world. My life had changed again, Hubby got a job from Symantic Corporation. This was awesome since he was a computer Geek. A little downside? We had to move to Oregon for the job. This also came to be a blessing/curse as any choice often is. I was managing my Teacher's Witch Supply Shop in Venice....I had to leave all of this and my family and well everything and it was great!! I think moving helped us to mature and well become better parents and married people. We ended up in Eugene and met some wonderful people from Adiantum. I also learned that in my studies in Herbal Lore, and soap making and all sorts of things I could give back what I had been absorbing.

I realized I did not have the cash to just purchase the Garb I wanted. So with a used machine and basic cotton? I began my journey in fabric. I had hoped to find a teacher to help me create the fantasies I had in my brain but that did not happen. Then we recieved offers from McAfee Corporation 18 months later, we moved to Northern California or West Kingdom in the Shire of Southern Shores.

Still was using the old beat up machine...but then it died and I purchased a lemon of a machine from Singer, it was awful and if I could have sued for how badly this machine worked? I would have, IN tears one weekend when yet again the LEMON messed up and I could not finish garb I really needed to have done, Hubby purchased another machine for me. It has never given me a moments worry.

About 3 years ago I purchased a Pfaff 7570,but I have never gotten the embroidery section of my machine to work ;o. My Mother in law purchased my dream sewing maching for me!! I am the proud owner of the Husqvarna Desinger SE. I just won an auction on the Professional Embroidery Program for Husqvarna called 3D. I am waiting for that to arrive. I have been hand embroidering for just a few years, however my time in the airline industry has caused a chronic pain syndrome known as "Carpal Tonal Syndrome". So hand work is very painful for me.

I have been killing fabric for the past 13 years, my favorite time is still 1570's Elizabethan, but I now segue into the City States of Italy and perhaps German gear as well. My research has helped me to hone in what kind of fabric I should be using and what I need to make my Garb complete; Hats, shoes, embellishments that sort of thing.

I am still on my journey, kids are getting older and so am I!! I still love my husband, and we hope we are doing our best.